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Battlefield 4’s China Rising DLC to Release December 3rd

Battlefield 4 has released in the United States today, and DICE has chosen this day to make a second release, this time though of a date. China Rising, one of five DLC to come for Battlefield 4, has had a release date of December 3rd, according to their service Battlelog.

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Defeating Sandman in New York City Part I – Lego Marvel Superheroes Guide

Once again, the superheroes of the Marvel universe are being called into action in Lego Marvel SuperHeroes!

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RIFT is Celebrating PC Gaming with a Return to Steam

Not only is RIFT celebrating with the Autumn Harvest event, RIFT is also celebrating PC Gaming this week. RIFT is once again available on Steam for downloading and purchasing, allowing Steam users to run the game from there. If you ask why I mentioned purchasing when it’s a free to play game, there are three DLC (downloadable content) that Steam users can purchase:

  • RIFT Ascended Edition for $19.99
  • RIFT Patron Edition for $39.99
  • RIFT Ultimate Hardcore Patron Edition for $99.99.

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Ceiling Fan Software Loses Its Fight with Blizzard Entertainment

We hear often of companies suing other companies and winning. What we don’t hear is of those losing companies wanting their customers or clients to foot the bill. Ceiling Fan Software is a developer of bot software for the World of Warcraft game and is being sued by Blizzard Entertainment.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Powers Its Way into Stores October 22

The Lego video game series is about to get bigger. Starting October 22nd, Lego Marvel Super Heroes will be available in stores. Released by LEGO and TT Games, this is the first of the LEGO series to showcase the many characters of the Marvel universe.

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Server Changes Coming to RIFT

MMO’s are known for server changes. Gamer populations rise and fall as players leave and others come back or play the game for the first time. RIFT has announced that they have server changes coming beginning October 23rd for both North American and European servers.

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The Gaming Industry Could Get Bigger in Scotland

The Scottish Games are no longer just about the traditional highland games such as the tossing of the caber. Thanks to Brian Baglow, formerly of Rockstar Games as International PR Manager, the Scottish Games Network has now launched. The goal of the Scottish Games Network is to help the gaming industry grow in Scotland.

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Will Xbox One Data Be Available to the Advertising Market?

Privacy, especially when it pertains to our identities and being online, is a huge topic these days. With so much of our lives online, it is a huge question on everyone’s mind. With all the missteps Microsoft has had with the launching of their Xbox One console, privacy again is at the forefront. This time, the issue is regarding advertising and third-party usage.

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Texas Casts Its Lure for Video Game Companies

California has been known to house several video game companies and is noted for having the largest population of employees in the video game industry, with Texas is listed as the state with the second highest. Texas intends to lessen the distance it falls behind California.

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