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Xbox One Won’t Stream to Twitch Until 2014

News out of the Microsoft camp this morning is not good. The One’s streaming service to has been delayed to the first part of 2014. According to Microsoft representatives:

“We are working to make sure the initial Twitch on Xbox One broadcasting experience meets the expectations of the Twitch community.”

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Fight Through Oscorp Industries Part I – Lego Marvel SuperHeroes Guide

Doctor Octopus has been defeated by Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man, and Captain America. The heroes are trying to retrieve the cosmic brick as he tosses it between his various mechanical arms. They knock it loose and while they are trying to recover it, Green Goblin flies in and snatches the brick. He flies off with it leaving the team to figure out the best route to take to retrieve the brick. Enter Black Widow and Hawkeye. It’s their term to follow Green Goblin to Oscorp Industries to retrieve the brick.

Walkthrough: Oscorp Industries

Heroes: Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spider-man

Villains: Green Goblin, Venom

Black Widow and Hawkeye start in the square where Doctor Octopus was captured. The duo is at the top of the red stairs...

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Xbox One Kinect Named to Best of What’s New 2013

Popular Science has released their “Best of What’s New” awards for 2013. Without having launched yet, the Kinect for Xbox One has already been named to the Entertainment category. The new motion-sensing camera was praised by Popular Science as being “10 times as accurate as its predecessor.”

Other aspects of the Kinect that they found intriguing is the body tracking in any lighting condition. The Kinect is also known to interpret and map movement at a skeletal and muscular level.

This is not the first award the yet-to-be released Xbox One has received this year from Popular Mechanics. The Xbox One received the title of one of the top “breakthrough” products for 2013. In Popular Mechanics words, the One is “one of the most innovative and transformative products of the year.”

See the complet...

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Microsoft Congratulates Sony on PS4 Launch

Goodwill and sportsmanship, not trivial bitterness, is spreading between official Xbox and Sony camps following the launch of the Sony PlayStation 4. The official Twitter account for Xbox tweeted the image above to the PlayStation twitter. Xbox had this to say in its tweet:

Congrats @Playstation. From, #Xbox.

The praise and congratulations did not stop just at the official @Xbox channel, but continued on through other Xbox executives and team members. Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios also named the following Sony executives by name in a tweet:

  • Jack Tretton
  • Shuhei Yoshida
  • Adam Boyes

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Taking Back the Baxter Building Part III – Lego Marvel SuperHeroes Guide

Spider-man has once again joined up with the team of heroes to defeat the villain. They head out on the rooftops again from the Daily Bugle in pursuit of Doctor Octopus. Doctor Octopus flees across the rooftops behind a sign of Spider-Man himself. It’s time to stop this mechanical maniac.

When the characters load in, you are at the top of a staircase. Go back down the stairs and switch to Mr. Fantastic. There is a grate there that he can use. Slip through the grate and Mr. Fantastic will emerge in a small glass room on another part of the building. Bust everything for Lego coins and then go back through the grate. This is optional.

Across from the top of the stairs is the save terminal.

If you haven’t already saved your game, be sure to do so now. Switch to Spider-man and have him target t...

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Taking Back the Baxter Building Part II – Lego Marvel SuperHeros Guide

Captain America and Mr. Fantastic have made it to the rooftop by using the Fantastivator. Doctor Octopus is trying to escape across the rooftops hoping to leave behind the heroes since there are large gaps in between the buildings. Both heroes will have to work together to cross the rooftops to stop Doctor Octopus.

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Turtle Beach Marvel Ear Force Seven Headset – Part I

Score: 10

It is all about the sound and Turtle Beach offers great sound gear. The newest in the Ear Force headset line, the Marvel Seven, is of no exception. If packaging is any consideration in the quality of a product, Turtle Beach is great at it. I have never had a Turtle Beach headset so this was a refreshing change from products that I have used in the past.

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Xbox One to Include New Media Achievements

With the Xbox One launch just around the corner, more details are being released on Microsoft’s newest platform. One detail they have released is an update on achievements a user can earn while using their Xbox One. While gamers are used to seeing their achievements flash across the screen while playing video games, Microsoft is introducing media achievements.

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Taking Back the Baxter Building Part I – Lego Marvel SuperHeroes Guide

The cosmic brick retrieved by Spider-man, Iron Man, and the Hulk has been sent to the Baxter Building to Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) for research and analysis. Mr. Fantastic and Captain America are sent to check on it. When they arrive, something is terribly wrong. Huge crowds are outside the building and the front has been barricaded by the police.

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Defeating Sandman in New York City Part II – Lego Marvel Superheroes Guide

After being swept out of Grand Central Station by a sand swirl, the Hulk and Iron Man have met up with Spider-man on the rooftops of New York City. Spider-man will come in handy a fair bit in this stage of the game. With his heightened senses through spider sense, he will be able to find things Iron Man and the Hulk can not.

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