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Rare Nintendo World Championships Cartridge Winning Bidder Backs Out

Last week, news arose of a rare Nintendo World Championships cartridge was up for bid on eBay. At initial release, bids were over $9,000. In the end, the winning bid ended up being $99,902. Unfortunately for the seller, all is not moonlight and roses. The winning bidder for this rare game has backed out of the sale claiming the bid itself was a mistake.

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Nintendo Shares Fall on Stock Exchanges After Wii U Sales Goal Cut By Two Thirds

Nintendo’s shares have dropped significantly following the release for their financial report last week. Nintendo reported an expected loss of $336 million for the fiscal year of 2013. Nintendo had projected sales at approximately 9 million Wii U units and had to drastically cut that number down to 2.8 million projected sales before end of March 2014.

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Fable Trilogy Bundle to Release February 4th On Xbox Marketplace

Xbox 360 owners who are fans of Fablewill only have a little longer to wait for the release of the Fable Trilogy. According the Xbox Marketplace, the launch date for the trilogy is February 4th, 2014. Fable Anniversary, one of the three titles in the trilogy, has the same release date as the trilogy.

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How the Net Neutrality Ruling Could Affect Gamers

Big news in the technology sector has been about the court ruling about net neutrality and how FCC can regulate broadband providers. As it stands now according to the ruling, the FCC can’t regulate the way ISPs charge for their services and render content. Due to this, they could throttle certain activities and allow other activities full streaming. Cable providers that offer tv could offer their service full speed and serve Netflix at a slower rate, or charge Netflix for optimal streaming.

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Huawei Announces Android Console TRON at CES 2014

During 2013, news came out of China that the government is now in the process of lifting their 13-year console ban. Chinese manufacturer Huawei had big news at this years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) just last week. They have announced and demoed a working version of their new Android based console.

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Call Of Duty Ghosts Announces Onslaught DLC

Infinity Ward, developer of the series Call of Duty, has big news for Call of Duty Ghosts players. The game’s first downloadable content (DLC) will release on January 28, 2014. The first DLC for Ghosts is titled Onslaught.

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Remote Gaming on a Tablet: Is it Possible?

Ever been in that moment when you are away from home and remember you forgot to give your friend something? Perhaps they are supposed to be crafting you some new armor and you have all the metal. What if you aren’t going to be home for hours or even a few days? With remote software, it is possible to satisfy this gaming problem with remote gaming.

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Xbox One Still Has No Launch Date for Twitch Streaming

Shortly before the launch of Xbox One,Microsoft announced a delay in Twitch streaming on its console till early 2014. Well, 2014 is here and there is still no launch date for when Xbox One users will be able to stream live on Twitch, according to Twitch TV Support’s twitter account.

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World of Warcraft Trojan Found in Fake Curse Client

A trojan has been found, which compromises World of Warcraft accounts. According to officials at Blizzard, even accounts that use the authenticator, both mobile and key fob, as an additional security method can be compromised with this trojan. The trojan is dangerous and officials state that it captures account data as users enter their information.

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Family Fun with Disney Infinity: A Review

Score: 10

With a household of four, including two adults and two young kids, it can be very hard to find a game that satisfies everyone’s various interests. Disney Infinity has been a game that my entire family can enjoy, from my youngest daughter all the way to my husband. Disney Infinity has been on practically every moment since we got it on Christmas Day.

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