Daily Archives January 18, 2014


Fable Trilogy Bundle to Release February 4th On Xbox Marketplace

Xbox 360 owners who are fans of Fablewill only have a little longer to wait for the release of the Fable Trilogy. According the Xbox Marketplace, the launch date for the trilogy is February 4th, 2014. Fable Anniversary, one of the three titles in the trilogy, has the same release date as the trilogy.

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How the Net Neutrality Ruling Could Affect Gamers

Big news in the technology sector has been about the court ruling about net neutrality and how FCC can regulate broadband providers. As it stands now according to the ruling, the FCC can’t regulate the way ISPs charge for their services and render content. Due to this, they could throttle certain activities and allow other activities full streaming. Cable providers that offer tv could offer their service full speed and serve Netflix at a slower rate, or charge Netflix for optimal streaming.

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