Daily Archives March 5, 2014


Microsoft Announces DirectX 12

Six years have passed since an announcement of a new version of DirectX, as well as a release. Microsoft has announced that there will be a DirectX 12. Little is known about DirectX 12, but they plan to do the unveiling at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). The unveiling will be at 10 am on March 20th.

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Change is Possible: A Look at Industry Stats

Female video gamers have been a hot topic in recent months. In comments in an article by Destrolyn.Bechgeddig, a commenter made a point that the ratio of males to females in the gamer sector is 10:1. This judgement is supposedly made by standing in the local GameStop for an hour. We are in the age of technology, so just visiting a local establishment is no gauge of gamer population. I can not count the times I’ve purchased a video game online and had it shipped to my house or downloaded it to my computer or console.

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