Daily Archives March 17, 2014


First Impressions of Elder Scrolls Online: Why I’m Loving ESO

Elder Scrolls Online is one of those games that will fall into two categories: gamers will either love it or hate it.

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Virtual Forest for Dementia Patients using Kinect and Unreal 4 Engine

Dementia is a growing problem of today’s population. To see someone diagnosed with it, or with its most common form, Alzheimer’s, is a hard experience to handle. Most people cannot handle watching a once bright person dwindle away into a shell of the person they once knew, or that their beloved family member may not remember who they are.

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Amazon Offering $5 Credit with PC Pre-Orders

A good amount of popular games come with pre-order perks (such as ESO‘s Imperial Edition allowing players to play the Imperial race). Right now, Amazon is offering a $5 dollar video game credit with PC digital pre-orders on top of already established pre-order game perks set by companies.

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SXSW Cares Fund Raising Money Following Tragic Accident

After last week’s tragic accident where a drunk driver, who was evading police, ran into a crowd of SXSW conference goers waiting in line for an event, SXSW has started the SXSW Cares Fund. This fund will go to help the victims of the terrible accident that occurred March 13th.

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