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Mythic Entertainment to Close Its Doors

Electronic Arts (EA) is shutting the doors on Mythic Entertainment (or EA Mythic) after almost 20 years of development. EA purchased Mythic Entertainment back in 2006. Mythic Entertainment was originally founded in 1995.

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Maleficent: Free Fall Tips

With Maleficent due out in theaters May 30, 2014, Disney has released another movie related app. Maleficent: Free Fall is free for download on the following systems:

  • Windows
  • Windows Phones
  • iOS
  • Android.

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Albion’s Legacy: An Interview with Thomas Gofton, Head of Lynnvander Productions

Kickstarter is becoming one of the go-to venues to get new projects funded. It is here that I discovered Albion’s Legacy, a new board game in development by Lynnvander Productions. Travel back to days of old. These are the days kings and queens ruled with true power. Magicians and knights were the saviors of the day. Enlightenment passed through the lands. The Authurian legends brought to life. This is Albion’s Legacy.

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WildStar Goes Above and Beyond for National Guard Mom

The devs are listening.

That is the philosophy the employees at Carbine take to heart. From the developers to the community team, they all follow it. On May 5th, this mantra became reality for one woman from Indiana. It all began with a single tweet.

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External Storage Support Coming to Xbox One

Been waiting to use external storage with Xbox One? That wait is coming to an end with the One’s June update. Microsoft’s Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson, tweeted about the external storage.

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Steam In-Home Streaming Beta Available Live

Steam has been testing in-home streaming in beta. Good news to those waiting on this to release. This service is available now for all PC users. Updates still to come for SteamOS, Linux, and Mac. This feature is part of the promised package for SteamOS.

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Elder Scrolls Online Set to Release Craglorn Update

With recent bad news coming from Zenimax Online Entertainment on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 delay, it was curious if the Elder Scrolls Online‘s first major update would be delayed as well. The game has launched with a fair amount of bugs and other issues they’ve fought to stem.

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Let It Go – A Review of Disney’s Frozen Free Fall

Score: 6

Disney has been actively jumping into the video game market. With the recent announcement of the 2.0 version of its successful Disney Infinity figurine game, the company isn’t slowing down. With a slew of mobile apps already on various markets, they added a new game in line with their newest animated film, Frozen, on November 20, 2013. Frozen Free Fall is available on iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows stores.

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Titanfall Removes Playlists on PC

PC players for Titanfall will find their versions of Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter issing from playlists. According to Twitter, Respawn Entertainment have removed the lists. It is unknown when or if they will be returning.

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Physical Games Still Preferred Over Digital Copies

With more games available via download, more people each year are turning towards digital and not a hard copy. Digital demand goes up 5 percent year to year. Still, three out of four gamers still want discs. For some, the perks of physical discs is enough to tempt them to buy those instead of buying the digital downloads, such as the Imperial edition of Elder Scrolls Online.

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