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Awesome Flips to Free Running: An Interview with Parkourist Ronnie Shalvis

“He’d fly through the air with the greatest of ease.” While the song might refer to The Trapeze Man, this inspiring parkourist needs no net and no trapeze. Ronnie Shalvis is a professional free runner and parkourist. He has an amazing outlook on life and how he incorporates his love for his sport into his life. He has performed his craft at various conventions as well as made several videos, some of which include popular icons from gaming and comic culture.

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Albion’s Legacy: An Interview with Thomas Gofton, Head of Lynnvander Productions

Kickstarter is becoming one of the go-to venues to get new projects funded. It is here that I discovered Albion’s Legacy, a new board game in development by Lynnvander Productions. Travel back to days of old. These are the days kings and queens ruled with true power. Magicians and knights were the saviors of the day. Enlightenment passed through the lands. The Authurian legends brought to life. This is Albion’s Legacy.

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