ABC Brings Us ‘The Quest’

Right in time for our week on Geek Reality TV, ABC brings a new show for fantasy lovers and geeks alike. The Quest premiered last night (Thursday, July 31st) on ABC. Competitive games meet live action role-playing, or LARPing as it’s called, to meet with a fantasy world called Everrealm. The show is brought to screens from the producers of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the producers of The Amazing Race.

The Premise

The show follows 12 competitors, known in the fantasy realm as paladins, as they are taken from the realm of modern man to the mysterious world of Everrealm that is being plagued by the evil Verlox. The 12 paladins each have to take part in challenges before being summoned by the Fates that brought them to this realm to face a final test. The paladins who find themselves safe much choose which of the two who failed the final test to be banished.


Thoughts on the New Show

With only one show currently released, it is hard to see where it is going to go. I have to admit that I am beyond excited to continue watching the series. If there was ever a series I would send an audition tape in for, this would be it. I found myself getting goosebumps as I eagerly watched for what tests the paladins would have to face. So far, the show lacks the inner team drama that most other reality shows are constantly plagued with. With everyone trying to boost the other paladins’ morale, it is surely a show to watch and see how such a fantastic idea can grow from a really great start.

I found that the casting for the non-competitive players (hereby known as NPCs) was fairly spot on. From the Fates to Crio, to the head of the Royal Army to the Queen’s own Vizier, the actors give us that true sense of being transported to another place and time outside of our own reality. The setting is very appropriate with the use of a real Austrian castle to make the paladins truly feel as if they’ve been transported.

Someone will begin to emerge as the One True Hero, but who shall it be?

For those who have missed the first episode, ABC is allowing the premiere to be streamed on their website without logging into a TV provider.

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