Another Mass Effect to Hit Shelves… But Still A Few Years Off

Fans of Mass Effect can rejoice as news comes out of San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). BioWare unleashed several images at SDCC this year with a few hints on the title that is yet unnamed and still years left in the making. Don’t expect to play Shepard this go round though. We have a new hero in the making.

BioWare had little on the definitive side to relate to fans of the original trilogy. Players will have the option to play as male or female as seen in the shots of the hero’s armor. The hero’s race has not yet been determined nor do we know if players will be able to choose their own race. In the announcement, Mike Gamble, the producer for Mass Effect said, “It’s ingrained in us to give players as much choice as possible.”


The Mako vehicle is reappearing in the new title. Redesigned after feedback from players as well as innovations in technology since the original Mass Effect, the Mako looks like a sweet ride that can go just about anywhere. The redesigned Mako is more agile, but it does lack the cannon. Since the focus of the new game will be new planet exploration, the vehicle will be a key part to playing the game.

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