Bug Report (or 2) for The Raft in New York City – Lego Marvel SuperHeroes

Bugs can be the very bane to a gamer’s existence, especially if they can occur repeatedly. They are even worse when they force us to have to start over to our last save point. So far, I have found two bugs on The Raft level of Lego Marvel Super Heroes. So here is my bug report.

Bug Report 1: Cliff Side Folly

The Raft is a prison off of the island of Manhattan in New York City. The group of heroes has to cross a bridge over rough, stormy waters. Past the bridge on the cliff edge is a pull target on a door. This is the location of the first bug. Be careful of the cliff edge here. I fell off into the water. This kills a Lego minifigure and has it respawn on ground. There is a catch, however, in where the Lego minifigure is respawned. I was respawned in a spot where the Lego minifigure repeatedly fell off the cliff and died.

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