Firefly Online: To Love or Not to Love

Despite the television series being cancelled over ten years ago, Firefly is still a well-beloved series that many thought was cancelled too early. The series has spawned one official movie,Serenity, as well as comic books and a roleplaying game. That love is not over as QMx Online is setting up to bring the ‘verse to the video game world withFirefly Online. Continue reading “Firefly Online: To Love or Not to Love”

10 Better Ways to Launch New Thor Than On ‘The View’

The new Marvel series on Thor features a female as the newest holder of Mjölnir (Thor’s Hammer). The announcement on the new series came to the news by way of the morning talk show, The View. Sure, Disney owns both Marvel and ABC so its understandable that they would use their own network to release the information, but there are several ways that would’ve been so much better thanThe View. Let’s take a look at a few of those. Continue reading “10 Better Ways to Launch New Thor Than On ‘The View’”

Is Crowdfunding Worth It?

It is becoming an old adage, “Vote with your wallet.” Before crowdfunding, companies had to bring their products to the market before we could decide whether we liked it and wanted to support the company. With the advent of crowdfunding, raising capital for new products and services has become much easier for small companies or individuals to be able to bring their dreams to reality. This puts consumers in the market’s driver seat. Continue reading “Is Crowdfunding Worth It?”

Is Computer Gaming on Its Way Out? The Numbers Say PC Will Stay On Top

With the next-gen consoles out and mobile gaming becoming hotter, some have speculated that computers are on their way out the door. If you are a gamer looking to make it big as a pro, it is easy to say that the answer is a fairly big no. Computer gaming has a while to go (if ever) till it reaches its final days. Continue reading “Is Computer Gaming on Its Way Out? The Numbers Say PC Will Stay On Top”

Physical Games Still Preferred Over Digital Copies

With more games available via download, more people each year are turning towards digital and not a hard copy. Digital demand goes up 5 percent year to year. Still, three out of four gamers still want discs. For some, the perks of physical discs is enough to tempt them to buy those instead of buying the digital downloads, such as the Imperial edition of Elder Scrolls Online. Continue reading “Physical Games Still Preferred Over Digital Copies”

Could Mobile Save Nintendo?

Nintendo has been a household name for ages. The Nintendo Entertainment System brought video games to a whole new generation. Some of us can still recall the midi-style music that accompanied the games. In a world where technology is moving as fast as the people, consoles are having to stretch to catch up. Even Nintendo is getting into the mobile scene with the Mario Kart 8 mobile app. Continue reading “Could Mobile Save Nintendo?”

Video Game Streams Have Larger Audience than Most Sporting Events

The World Series, the NBA Finals, and the League of Legends Season 3 World Championship all have something in common. They are all major sporting events with millions of viewers. Isn’t League of Legends a video game? Yes, it is. And the Season 3 World Championship had more viewers than either of the other events mentioned in 2013. Tickets to live gaming championships (like the Dota 2 International Championship) sell out in record time. Continue reading “Video Game Streams Have Larger Audience than Most Sporting Events”