Xbox One to Include New Media Achievements

With the Xbox One launch just around the corner, more details are being released on Microsoft’s newest platform. One detail they have released is an update on achievements a user can earn while using their Xbox One. While gamers are used to seeing their achievements flash across the screen while playing video games, Microsoft is introducing media achievements. Continue reading “Xbox One to Include New Media Achievements”

RIFT is Celebrating PC Gaming with a Return to Steam

Not only is RIFT celebrating with the Autumn Harvest event, RIFT is also celebrating PC Gaming this week. RIFT is once again available on Steam for downloading and purchasing, allowing Steam users to run the game from there. If you ask why I mentioned purchasing when it’s a free to play game, there are three DLC (downloadable content) that Steam users can purchase:

  • RIFT Ascended Edition for $19.99
  • RIFT Patron Edition for $39.99
  • RIFT Ultimate Hardcore Patron Edition for $99.99.

Continue reading “RIFT is Celebrating PC Gaming with a Return to Steam”

Will Xbox One Data Be Available to the Advertising Market?

Privacy, especially when it pertains to our identities and being online, is a huge topic these days. With so much of our lives online, it is a huge question on everyone’s mind. With all the missteps Microsoft has had with the launching of their Xbox One console, privacy again is at the forefront. This time, the issue is regarding advertising and third-party usage. Continue reading “Will Xbox One Data Be Available to the Advertising Market?”