Defeating Sandman in New York City Part I – Lego Marvel Superheroes Guide

Once again, the superheroes of the Marvel universe are being called into action in Lego Marvel SuperHeroes!

After some dark silver mystery bricks fell from space to Earth, Doctor Doom has enlisted the aid of numerous super villains to aid him in finding and recovering these bricks. It is the job of the superheroes to retrieve the mysterious bricks known as cosmic bricks and return them to S.H.I.E.L.D. for protection and analysis.

Walkthrough: Returning After the Battle of New York

Heroes: Iron Man, the Hulk, and Spider-man

Villains: Abomination and Sandman

Lego Marvel Superheroes takes place after the conclusion of the Battle of New York. In the first stage of the game, the heroes return to New York City to take on Abomination and Sandman who have discovered the first cosmic brick for Doctor Doom. Through this level, Agent Coulson is advising the heroes as they battle their way through parts of New York to defeat the main boss, Sandman.

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