Defeating Sandman in New York City Part II – Lego Marvel Superheroes Guide

After being swept out of Grand Central Station by a sand swirl, the Hulk and Iron Man have met up with Spider-man on the rooftops of New York City. Spider-man will come in handy a fair bit in this stage of the game. With his heightened senses through spider sense, he will be able to find things Iron Man and the Hulk can not.

On the right side next to the stairs will be a computer terminal for you to save your game.

Hulk can bash and smash a few items if you can’t see it initially. All the items there in front of the large ‘A’ are breakable, so be sure to get all your coins in this area by smashing the crates and rooftop fans.

The first obstacle is a large letter A sign with lightning shooting from generators on both sides of the roof. The way is blocked and our team of heroes must find their way through.

Going with the right side first, make sure you have switched to Spider-man. Go over to the red and blue sparkles where Spider-man will get a spider sense reaction. Once he has used his spider sense, a Lego wall that he can climb will appear. Climb up to the top to reach the satellite dish.

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