E3 2014: What We Know About Star Fox for Wii U 2015

At the closing of Nintendo’s Digital Event for E3, we got to see Shigeru Miyamoto, General Manger of Nintendo EAD (Entertainment Analysis and Development) playing a game on Wii U. One might assume, based off the trailers that debuted, that Miyamoto was playing the upcoming The Legend of Zelda. Not so, my friends. Turns out, Miyamoto was playing the upcoming Star Fox game for Wii U.

In an interview with Miyamoto for TIME, the director for the game said development for the game has been ongoing for years. Experiments were conducted on the Wii, but Nintendo did not feel the console was a good fit for this scrolling shooter. After about 6 to 10 months of experimenting with the Wii U, Nintendo has developed ideas for the game. This untitled Star Fox game will release in 2015.

See the complete article at GameSkinny.com.

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