Elder Scrolls Online – How to Install Addons

Add-ons are extremely helpful in-game. While some games have banned add-ons (or mods), others openly embrace the modder community. Elder Scrolls Online is one such game.

In ESO, installing and using addons is completely legal and allowed. Adding them to the game is very easy, as you will see below.

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Step 1: Download Add-ons

There are lots of sites dedicated to add-ons. Some sites are dedicated by game and others cover a multitude of games. There are some programs out there that can control the add-ons for you (such as the Curse client). Here are a couple of sites to download from:

Step 2: Extract or Unzip Add-ons

Add-ons come delivered in a zipped file. In order to use them, you will need to unzip them. Windows has a built-in extraction program as long as the file is a .zip. If the folder is saved as a .rar file, you will need to download another program on Windows 7 and earlier. Windows 8 can unzip .rar files.

Files need to be placed in the ESO Add-ons directory that can be found inDocuments/Elder Scrolls Online/live/AddOns on your computer. The easiest way to do this is to right-click the file and click extract files.

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