Elder Scrolls Online Launch Questions Answered

With less than 24 hours to go before early access begins for Imperial Edition players of Elder Scrolls Online, those eager to begin exploring Tamriel might have a few questions. Zenimax Online Studios has the answers for you in their Early Access and Launch FAQ. Here is a break down of a few of the most important questions.

When Do Servers Open?

5-day Early Access

For those who have purchased the Imperial Edition, starting day is March 30th and servers will open at 7 AM Eastern time. This is for both North American and European megaservers.

3-day Early Access

Standard preorders will have to wait until April 1st till they can begin their journey. Both megaservers will open up at 7 AM Eastern time on Tuesday.

Official Launch

Elder Scrolls Online will launch April 3rd on both megaservers. Please note that the start time for official launch is not until 7 PM Eastern time, so new players without preorder Early Access will have to wait till nightfall to join the rest.

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