Elder Scrolls Online – The Ritual of Mara (How to Get Married)

Purchasers of the imperial edition of Elder Scrolls Online receive the Rings of Mara. In order to get this perk, two players have to make use of the Ritual of Mara.

In the game and over the web, the ritual is refered to as a marriage. Orc, Dark Elf, Argonian, it does not matter what race or gender your character is to the other. You can also have more than one partner.

Where can I find a Shrine of Mara?

The first part, other than chosing your partner, is to find a shrine of Mara. Locations for Shrines of Mara are easy to find from the starting zones for each alliance:

  • Ebonheart Pact: Davon’s Watch (Stonefalls) and Mournhold (Deshaan)
  • Daggerfall Covenant: Daggerfall (Glenumbra) and Wayrest (Stormhaven)
  • Aldmeri Dominion: Vulkhel Guard (Auridon) and Elden Root (Grahtwood)

Shrines have icons on the map to make them easy to find once a player is in the correct city.

See the complete guide at GameSkinny.com.

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