Elder Scrolls Online to Release New Beta Invites

Update: ESO has released a second, larger batch of beta invites so check emails again! The new batch rolled out at approximatly 6:45 EST.

Elder Scrolls fans, be on the watch for an email that may be headed your way. Zenimax Studios has stated that new invites are being rolled out. Exact numbers on how many have been invited was not mentioned.

Zenimax Studios want to make sure that people check certain places in their email programs to make sure that those who received the invites can find them. One place they mentioned is the spam folder, just in case it is kicked out for being junk. Gmail users had further instructions. According to Zenimax, the promotions tab is where this email should be filtered if you receive it.

See the complete article at GameSkinny.com about the Elder Scrolls Online beta.

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