Family Fun with Disney Infinity: A Review

Score: 10

With a household of four, including two adults and two young kids, it can be very hard to find a game that satisfies everyone’s various interests. Disney Infinity has been a game that my entire family can enjoy, from my youngest daughter all the way to my husband. Disney Infinity has been on practically every moment since we got it on Christmas Day.

Ease of Use

Disney Infinity is rated E for Everyone and that is absolutely true. I recommended 3 and up since kids need to understand what buttons to push on the controller. I’ve found both my girls (one of them being 4), as well as my 3-year-old nephew, have had no issues learning how to control their character while playing.

Game Modes

Disney Infinity has different modes to it, such as Story Mode and Toy Box mode. Story mode works best for multiplayer if you have more than one character from the same scene. Unfortunately, you can’t take Sully to Mr. Incredible’s board. So if you just have the starter kit, story mode at that point is single player only.

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