Farmville 2 Beginner Tips

Farmville 2 is a social farming game built by Zynga. Available on Facebook and, users can create their own farm and choose what crops and animals to grow. They are always able to craft food, like pies.

Be Sociable

With a limited amount of things you can do at a time while in-game, it is important to have friends, or neighbors. Neighbors visit player farms and vice versa. When a player goes to their farm, neighbors who have visited performed actions on the farm are awaiting player input.

Players can either let the visitors perform the actions that show, or players can wait until the actions are of the most use, such as fertilizing plants. By allowing visitors to fertilize a player’s crops, they increase the chance to get a prized crop. This saves resources for the player to use later.



When a player levels, all trees and crops become immediately available to harvest. Use leveling to the best advantage. If you need a certain crop for a quest or want to plant a higher experience crop, it’s best to do while a player is nearing a new level. Use the purple experience bar to plan ahead.

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