Fight Through Oscorp Industries Part I – Lego Marvel SuperHeroes Guide

Doctor Octopus has been defeated by Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man, and Captain America. The heroes are trying to retrieve the cosmic brick as he tosses it between his various mechanical arms. They knock it loose and while they are trying to recover it, Green Goblin flies in and snatches the brick. He flies off with it leaving the team to figure out the best route to take to retrieve the brick. Enter Black Widow and Hawkeye. It’s their term to follow Green Goblin to Oscorp Industries to retrieve the brick.

Walkthrough: Oscorp Industries

Heroes: Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spider-man

Villains: Green Goblin, Venom

Black Widow and Hawkeye start in the square where Doctor Octopus was captured. The duo is at the top of the red stairs. There is a lot of electricity flaring around that the two need to get past in order to get to Oscorp Industries.

Switch to Hawkeye and go to the top of the stairs or behind the stairs around by the billboard. Shoot at the billboard behind the stairs to knock it down and reveal targets for Hawkeyes arrows to stick into. Fill each of the four targets with an arrow. Go down the stairs around to the barricade where the arrows are sticking out of the building. Jump up and grab the arrows. Swing across them until you reach the other side. Switch to Black Widow and bring her across.Black Widow will not cross on her own.

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