Fight Through Oscorp Industries Part II – Lego Marvel SuperHeroes

After saving your game at the save terminal, it is time to progress on and try to take out the Green Goblin!

Follow the catwalk around to where the neon flashing Oscorp sign is. Watch out for the black tar puddles on the floor. If the character falls in the puddle, they will be stuck in it until you can free the character.

Above the Oscorp sign are two silver items holding up the sign. Use Hawkeye’s explosive arrows to knock the sign down.

From there, switch to Spider-man and use spider sense to show two pull targets. Use the pull targets to pull down part of the upper level.

Jump up on the crate and use it to jump up on to the ladder on the wall.Climb up to the next level. Hawkeye and Spider-man will follow.

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