First Impressions of Elder Scrolls Online: Why I’m Loving ESO

Elder Scrolls Online is one of those games that will fall into two categories: gamers will either love it or hate it.

I, personally, loved it.

Excited about the prospect of an Elder Scrolls MMO, I went into a little apprehensive. Through partaking in various betas, I was able to see how the MMO transformed into what it was this past weekend (which from what I heard, isn’t even as updated as the one running on the test servers).

ESO Solves my Biggest MMO Pet Peeve: No More Wondering

Just imagine the character has a book in his hand or a map to show that is what the player is doing at the time.


I suspect we’ve all been there: our party is running around and we are following the leader, and suddenly the leader just stops. To us, he or she is just standing there. We wait and wait ’til they suddenly take off moving again. Wait.. What? Why? Did you open your inventory? Eat a sandwich IRL? Answer the phone? We have no clue as to what caused the sudden stop.

… a unique addition that helps a person immerse themselves into the gaming experience.

In Elder Scrolls, I found this less of a problem because they built ESO from a roleplaying standpoint. Instead of a character just standing there, the UI shows what the character is actually doing. If the player brings up the map, the character does as well. Same for checking the quest journal, a book pops up in their hands. I find this a very unique aspect to a game and helps a person immerse themselves into the gaming experience. (As it turns out, my husband was getting tips for playing his lute in town.)


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