Get Your WildStar Keys Quick – How to Get Yours

Wildstar released almost two months ago. Players are well settled in and guides from beginner on up are already flourishing on the web. Now, Carbine wants to give even more people access to the Nexus with their offer of trial keys in partnership with Alienware Arena.

Wildstar gave Alienware a total of 20,000 keys to hand out to people registered on or willing to register on the Alienware site in North America and Europe. 10,000 keys are reserved for each continent. Getting a key is simple, but you do have to make sure you go grab one now before they are all gone.

1. Visit Alienware Arena and sign in or register.

First things first, you have to register on the Alienware website or sign in to the site if you have already registered. The registration form is pretty much standard. They will not ask you for any payment information. You also have the option of logging in with Facebook or Steam.


2. Get your key from Alienware’s site.

Go back to Alienware’s site and grab your key. Your key will be given to you then. It will also be sent to you though email. Should you close your browser window on accident or if it crashes, you can also view your keys inside Alienware’s site on your giveaways page found here.

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