How to Craft Steam Badges

The Steam 2014 Summer Sale is in full force with only a few days remaining. People new to Steam might be wondering how they gain points by crafting for the Summer Adventure game. It is a pretty easy process when you see how to craft Steam badges.

Step 1: Load Badges Page

The first step is to bring up your badges page. To do so, hover over your name in the main user bar of the Steam window (located next to Community). This is where the Steam trading cards come into play. When the window loads, you will see a list of the badges you can get and the ones you currently have. Any badge that you have satisfied the requirements to craft will have a blue ‘Ready’ button.


Step 2: Load Badge Details

Click on the badge. This will load a new page with a full view of all the trading cards. If you have gotten all the cards in the series, the page will have a blue ‘Craft Badge’ button at the top. You simply click that button.


Step 3: Let Steam Work

After you have hit the craft button, it’s time for Steam to complete its work. The window will change to show a window with the cards swirling into the center. Once this completes, a new window will pop up.


Step 4: Badge Complete

That is all there is to it. Your badge is now complete. Steam will give you the experience (or XP) for the badge along with some other cool items like emoticons and backgrounds. This is a handy way for getting your level up in Steam.


Don’t Have Enough Cards?

Card drops for games won’t give you a whole set. Steam has set up alternative ways to complete a set of cards.

  1. Get cards from friends who may have extras.
  2. Trade for cards on the Trade Forum.
  3. Search the market for particular cards.

Steam makes all these options simple with their system. Cards will show which of your friends have them and Steam gives you buttons to the Trade Forum and Market so you can easily find cards. Cards can go for a few cents usually. I purchased two cards from the market to complete this tutorial and they were on average $.15 to $.20 each.


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