Knowledge is Power: World Cancer Day

It’s rare when a movie touches a person so deeply that it draws them to tears. Not the kind of tears that are a sympathetic reaction, but tears of the deeply emotional kind. Tears of fear and regret for things that you’ve done or not yet done but regret not doing so. Sometimes a movie just grabs you and makes you think all sorts of what ifs. What if I had just done this? What would happen if I did this right now? Why did I not do this sooner? It was hard to not contemplate these ideas with World Cancer Day at hand.

A Little Bit of Heaven just gave me that feeling of emotional turmoil. The movie stars Kate Hudson and the story is that of a young woman in the prime of her life finding out she has a cancer that could take her life. Though I had watched the movie once before and knew the basics of the story, sitting here watching it brought on tears and deep feelings that I had not experienced in some time. As I shed tears, my biggest thoughts were that I did not want that to be me, but what I could do about it.

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