Physical Games Still Preferred Over Digital Copies

With more games available via download, more people each year are turning towards digital and not a hard copy. Digital demand goes up 5 percent year to year. Still, three out of four gamers still want discs. For some, the perks of physical discs is enough to tempt them to buy those instead of buying the digital downloads, such as the Imperial edition of Elder Scrolls Online.

According to a survey completed by the NPD Group, the Core Gaming 2014 Report, the percentage of core gamers in the US that prefer real discs opposed to digital is at 74 percent, considering they are similar in price.

A Preference for Digital

I find myself being in part of the 26% that prefer to download their media. I have two children that have a habit of not putting discs back into their game case. This leads to scratched or ruined games.

On top of that, I like being able to instantly access my game as soon as it goes on sale. I don’t have to wait in line or wait for shipping that could be delayed. Anyone with kids knows that a trip to the local game store can take three times as long when you have to travel with the horde.

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