RIFT is Celebrating PC Gaming with a Return to Steam

Not only is RIFT celebrating with the Autumn Harvest event, RIFT is also celebrating PC Gaming this week. RIFT is once again available on Steam for downloading and purchasing, allowing Steam users to run the game from there. If you ask why I mentioned purchasing when it’s a free to play game, there are three DLC (downloadable content) that Steam users can purchase:

  • RIFT Ascended Edition for $19.99
  • RIFT Patron Edition for $39.99
  • RIFT Ultimate Hardcore Patron Edition for $99.99.

These editions can be purchased separately or together for $159.97. Each edition offers the player extra stuff, such as mounts and patron status. These are helpful if the player is new to the game, or played for a while but missed some of the collector’s items.

RIFT Ascended Edition

The RIFT Ascended Edition is almost the same as the original collector’s edition they sold when they first launched the game in 2011. Along with a 15-day Patron pass and 500 credits to spend in the RIFT store, players will also get:

  • Tartagon Mount (a two-headed large tortoise)
  • 24-slot bag
  • Bogling Wastrel Companion Pet

See the complete article at GameSkinny.com.

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