E3 2014: What We Know About Star Fox for Wii U 2015

At the closing of Nintendo’s Digital Event for E3, we got to see Shigeru Miyamoto, General Manger of Nintendo EAD (Entertainment Analysis and Development) playing a game on Wii U. One might assume, based off the trailers that debuted, that Miyamoto was playing the upcoming The Legend of Zelda. Not so, my friends. Turns out, Miyamoto was playing the upcoming Star Fox game for Wii U. Continue reading “E3 2014: What We Know About Star Fox for Wii U 2015”

E3 2014 – Breaking News from Nintendo

Nintendo came into E3 this year with big concerns on their mind. The lack of Wii U sales has been big news for the gaming pioneer. Opting for another digital event over a live conference, the animated show kicked off with a bang. With the promise to ensure that current owners are satisfied with their purchase before releasing the next machine, Nintendo has to have some neat tricks up their sleeve. Did their E3 show grab your attention? Will it bring Nintendo sales up to compete with next generation gamers? Continue reading “E3 2014 – Breaking News from Nintendo”

Wii U Owners, Don’t Lose Hope

Not all Wii U owners are happy with their purchase. Nintendo acknowledges this about their system. While some critics are clamoring for a new console release as soon as possible to replace the Wii U, Nintendo says no. Instead, they want users content with the purchase they made. This year, Nintendo will release the new Smash Bros and the new Mario Kart. Anything else new comes out at E3 come June. Continue reading “Wii U Owners, Don’t Lose Hope”

Could Mobile Save Nintendo?

Nintendo has been a household name for ages. The Nintendo Entertainment System brought video games to a whole new generation. Some of us can still recall the midi-style music that accompanied the games. In a world where technology is moving as fast as the people, consoles are having to stretch to catch up. Even Nintendo is getting into the mobile scene with the Mario Kart 8 mobile app. Continue reading “Could Mobile Save Nintendo?”

Nintendo Shares Fall on Stock Exchanges After Wii U Sales Goal Cut By Two Thirds

Nintendo’s shares have dropped significantly following the release for their financial report last week. Nintendo reported an expected loss of $336 million for the fiscal year of 2013. Nintendo had projected sales at approximately 9 million Wii U units and had to drastically cut that number down to 2.8 million projected sales before end of March 2014. Continue reading “Nintendo Shares Fall on Stock Exchanges After Wii U Sales Goal Cut By Two Thirds”