Meet The Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge

It is the stuff dreams are made of. From Sesame Street to Labyrinth, from The Muppets to The Dark Crystal; Jim Henson and his crew were responsible for driving so much creativity into a lot of people’s minds. Thanks to the efforts of his family, this great art form has not been lost to history. A new show on SyFy is highlighting this art form with a new reality show, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. Continue reading “Meet The Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge”

E3 2013 – Word about Defiance

Some are fairly fluent about the world of Defiance, whether it be through the TV show or the game itself. Syfy Channel and Trion Worlds have teamed up to provide a “transmedia experience” with events that cross over between the TV show and the game. While it is an online game, it is not your traditional MMO. It falls more in the genre of an online shooter. Gamespot got a chance to speak to Nathan Richardsson, Executive Producer at Trion Worlds, at E3 2013 this week. Continue reading “E3 2013 – Word about Defiance”