Temple Run 2 Beginners Tips

Imangi Studios has a hit on their hands with their sequel to Temple Run. Temple Run 2 released on iPhone and Android in January of 2013, and in December of 2013 for Windows Phone 8. The game is an endless runner platform which means you need quick hands and finger swipes. Here are some beginners tips to help you get started.

Get Warm, Get Loose

The game is fairly fast paced and you will need both hands to play the game. With one hand, you will be tilting the phone side-to-side, while the other will be swiping in four different, random directions. Be sure to stretch your arms and flex your fingers. This game does need coördination.

Get Coins!

In Temple Run 2, players have the ability to upgrade power ups, buy new characters, and buy single-use utilities in the in-app store. Players can either buy coins and spend money out-of-pocket, or coins can be collected in-game. Before you play, visit the store. You can start play with 250 coins by simply following their Twitter account.

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