The Diamond Minecart

The Wii U here has logged a lot of YouTube hours. One channel that is watched with consistency (and by that, hours at a time per day) is The Diamond Minecart. My kids love watching theMinecraft and Japanese product videos that Dan releases on his channel.

Clean and Entertaining

One thing about this channel is the language is kept clean. There are no worries about kids picking up obscene language in the process or hearing things that are not meant for their young ears. Dan is also highly entertaining. While his commentary is clean and steadily rolls on without a hitch, it does not sound like it is scripted. He is just enjoying his game and sharing it with his many fans.

Videos are Perfect Length

Some let’s play videos can get pretty lengthy and can get boring after a while. Dan has a wonderful comedic aspect on his videos that keeps viewers entertained while they discover the growing universe that is Minecraft.

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