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Hello! My name is Mary Yeager and I am a writer/blogger from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Writing is something I have always enjoyed ever since I wrote my first paper in English (though the subject and title escape me at this moment). I’ve been writing on and off since then. Now, however, I have decided to see where my writing journey can take me now. Writing is about passion to me and I thoroughly enjoy it.

I have my Associates of Arts in Business Administration degree with emphasis in Visual Communications from AIU Online. Currently, I can be found writing at GameSkinny.com as part of their journalism training program. At GameSkinny, I write about gaming industry news and culture.

I can also be found at my other two blogs, Raveling Dixie and Techno Geek Mom. Raveling Dixie is a crafting and home blog where I write about my crafting projects and keeping up with my busy home life as a wife and mom. At Techno Geek Mom, I write about tech gadgets and other aspects of technology that can be applied to a busy mom and her family.

I am currently available for guest blogs as well as paid opportunities. I would love a chance to be an editor or editor in chief for a site as well.

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