Pillars of Eternity: Another Winner from Obsidian Entertainment

Score: 9.75

Obsidian Entertainment has developed another winning title despite the fact that their studio almost went under. Pillars of Eternity held me captivated and entertained for several hours and I am still in the midst of discovering everything the title has to offer. There are a myriad of classes that I’ve just barely touched the surface of as a PC and I am ready to discover them all.


It did not take long for the game’s story to catch me rapt in its wake. I knew not what was happening to my character but each step took me closer and closer to awareness. The tie-ins from the Kickstarter backers really helped with the immersive experience of the story. The stories that backers came up with were always intriguing to read (granted, some were better others). The mystery of what happens to the main character does not envelop the entire storyline, but enhances it through the game play.

Character Creation

A lot of games start off with you as the automatic hero there to save the world. Pillars of Eternity starts you out no greater than the rest of the society there. Players are just another settler hoping to make a life in the area that is besieged in crisis. It reminds me of the pen and paper campaigns that my gaming group likes to run, just there for some adventuring times. If we become heroes or villains, it’s all a part of the fun of the game.

Outside of the main storyline, there are lots of quests that can be picked up from nearly anywhere in the game. The largest hub of activity is based out of the major city, Defiance Bay. Defiance Bay truly gives the player the sense of unrest that lies in the country. There are those who think that one party is to blame for the blight of the country, while others blame another source. As a player, it is your decisions and choices in the game that send you on your path of discovery.


Pillars of Eternity features non-linear play. Sure, you have to follow the main storyline in order, but you can do other side quests before going further. It is purely player choice on whether or not they complete any or all of the side quests to gain more experience before advancing gameplay.  Progressing through the map areas allows more of the other maps to be opened up for further play.

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