Server Changes Coming to RIFT

MMO’s are known for server changes. Gamer populations rise and fall as players leave and others come back or play the game for the first time. RIFT has announced that they have server changes coming beginning October 23rd for both North American and European servers.

The development team for RIFT at Trion Worlds has release a community announcement listing the changes and stating that they have been working to bring Telarans “a unified universe of RIFT shards per region.” These changes they believe will be for the good of all who play RIFT.

Change #1

One aspect of the server changes that the developer team has focused on is by increasing server population on existing servers by merging a few servers. This will help players on older hardware also be put on servers with newer hardware. Random pools for dungeons and warfronts will also be increased, making it where players will see different people as they queue up instead of the same players over and over.

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