The Sims 4 – Beginner Aspirations

Goals are handy to have. They give one a sense of direction and purpose to their lives. The same goes for Sims in The Sims 4. They need some purpose to their lives inside our computer screens. Aspirations are the answer to that. They are life-long goals for Sims to meet and they are chosen during character creation.

Aspirations are available for all Sims in the game. Children have a limited supply to choose from as opposed to older Sims. Yes, even children benefit from having life-long goals. Goals can be something like bodybuilder or bestselling author. They start at menial levels and have to work their way up.

Adult Aspirations

There are ten teen and adult aspirations for players to choose from. Each aspiration has its own bonus trait, as well as career paths for Sims to choose from. Some only have one career path while others may have up to three.

Aspiration Description Bonus Trait Career Paths
athletic These are fitness nuts who are likely to be more into the gym scene. They are more apt to be physically fit. High Metabolism -Body Builder
 creativity Inspiration gives these Sims greater reason to reach their goals in creating new things, such as art or books. Muser -Painter Extraordinaire
-Musical Genius
-Bestselling Author
deviance Some people are just mean and these Sims are no different. They are able to have success with mean interactions with other Sims. Dastardly -Public Enemy
-Chief of Mischief
 family Family ties are everything to these Sims. Bonds will be formed easier. Domestic -Successful Lineage
-Big Happy Family

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