Is It Worth It: The Sims 4

The mother of all human simulators has recently released their fourth installment. EA sent The Sim 4 out into the world September 2nd, 2014, here in the U.S. As with most EA releases, people are usually apprehensive. EA has not got the world’s best reputation within the industry. The Sims 4 required a Day One patch just to make sure that the game was playable.

 Demonic Babies…Say What?

One of the most notable bugs from release was what was termed as demon babies. Babies in the game had some really weird graphical glitches going on. We’re talking things like:

  • Eyes bugging out of heads
  • Long claw-like fingers
  • Disproportionate arms

These babies were the things nightmares were made of. Sometimes they would look like they were eating mom or dad’s heads.

But What Say You?

I somehow missed the whole demon baby scenario myself. I jumped into The Sims 4 with one initial goal in mind. First, just to clarify, I am a freelance writer and web designer. I am also a mom of two growing girls. My first Sim was a writer who lived all to her lonesome and enjoyed her peace and quiet. As it was mentioned in the cast, this is one reason its my dream game. I can imagine peace and solace all to my little lonesome!

The game play is smooth and it well documented in game. There is a lot to do and discover as you go through the game. Graphics are nice and not too harsh on the eyes. I did find that it was cheaper in the beginning to build my own house rather than to purchase a pre-made house. I got more room than the cheapest pre-made house that I could evict others from. It was either evict them or move in with them. I’m mean apparently cause I evicted them.

The game also requires less concentration so I can play it while my kiddo’s are doing their own things like reading when they are supposed to. I don’t have to worry about enemies jumping out of the bushes and murdering me in my travels. The game just exists. For that reason alone, I say it is worth it.

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