Turtle Beach Marvel Ear Force Seven Headset – Part I

Score: 10

It is all about the sound and Turtle Beach offers great sound gear. The newest in the Ear Force headset line, the Marvel Seven, is of no exception. If packaging is any consideration in the quality of a product, Turtle Beach is great at it. I have never had a Turtle Beach headset so this was a refreshing change from products that I have used in the past.

Sound Quality

I was blown away by the sound quality. I normally use a set of speakers hooked to a subwoofer on my machines to have high quality sound. I was not expecting the headset to pass, much less exceed, that quality. To put it in other terms: it was like being center stage at a major concert. The sound is up close and personal.

In game, I found I could hear a lot more sound through the headset than was pushed out by my speaker set-up. Chat was also easy to hear over game sounds which the controls on the in-line amplifier as well. I did not have to sacrifice my background music and ambient sounds to keep up with chat. Since it is also a headset, they couldn’t hear feedback or my game sounds so it works out perfectly.

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