Change is Possible: A Look at Industry Stats

Female video gamers have been a hot topic in recent months. In comments in an article by Destrolyn.Bechgeddig, a commenter made a point that the ratio of males to females in the gamer sector is 10:1. This judgement is supposedly made by standing in the local GameStop for an hour. We are in the age of technology, so just visiting a local establishment is no gauge of gamer population. I can not count the times I’ve purchased a video game online and had it shipped to my house or downloaded it to my computer or console. Continue reading “Change is Possible: A Look at Industry Stats”

How the Net Neutrality Ruling Could Affect Gamers

Big news in the technology sector has been about the court ruling about net neutrality and how FCC can regulate broadband providers. As it stands now according to the ruling, the FCC can’t regulate the way ISPs charge for their services and render content. Due to this, they could throttle certain activities and allow other activities full streaming. Cable providers that offer tv could offer their service full speed and serve Netflix at a slower rate, or charge Netflix for optimal streaming. Continue reading “How the Net Neutrality Ruling Could Affect Gamers”

Remote Gaming on a Tablet: Is it Possible?

Ever been in that moment when you are away from home and remember you forgot to give your friend something? Perhaps they are supposed to be crafting you some new armor and you have all the metal. What if you aren’t going to be home for hours or even a few days? With remote software, it is possible to satisfy this gaming problem with remote gaming. Continue reading “Remote Gaming on a Tablet: Is it Possible?”